Targets farmers working in agricultural sector and the value chain of the sector. It's designed for small farmers to provide them with the needed production inputs.
Finance amount is up to 20,000$


This program targets income generation and employment creation projects from different economic sectors. it's called Future as it aims at improving and developing the future of business owners.
Financing amount is up to 15,000$

Group Financing

This program targets groups of individuals, family members or partners, who have feasible ideas of projects and business plans, to enable them establish and start their projects, and to create job opportunities of the individuals and income of the groups.
The financing amount is up to 15,000$ for each individual.


Cooperatives are targeted because Reef is keen on providing the best support possible, as cooperatives throughout the past years are considered of the key groups established in the Palestinian communities and families. This product enables them to expand and improve their resources.

Financing amount is up to 100,000$


This program targets Palestinian university fresh graduates or students about to finish their education, with different specializations in different faculties in order to empower them economically and socially, to improve their living standards and reduces their unemployment rates.

Financing amount is up to 300,000$ per collage