Management Team


General Director/ Hussam Asaad

Over 30 years in financial, financing and administrative management in both not profitable organizations and micro financial institution. He is now leading and overseeing the overall direction and administration of the company, planning, developing and implementing strategies for operational and financial management. He manages and leads the team and the company, he develops and maintains community good relations, and expands strategic relations with partners. He has MA in Business Administration and Applied Economics from Jabalpur University, class of 1990.


Operations Manager/ Nizar Judeh

He has 14 years of experience in accounting, administration, credit facilities and auditing, as he has a notable experience in working in banking sector and non-governmental organizations, he occupied critical positions in local and international institutions, he has Anti-Money Laundering Palestinian Specialist certificate, he holds BA degree in accounting and Master degree in Business Administration from BZU class of 2010. He occupied the Internal Auditor position of Reef for 5 years. 


Financial Manager/ Fadi Amer 

He has 12years of experience of accountings, financial analysis, risk management, and investments. He prepares regular financial reports, and tracks company’s development in terms of financial resources, he has CMA, CFA Level 2 Candidate certificates, he holds BA degree in Financial and Banking Sciences from Najah University.  

Human Resources Manager / Suha Abu Ghazaleh

She has more than 13 years of experience in microfinance sector holding various positions including accounting, admin, HR, and procurement, previously worked at Arab Center for Agricultural Development (ACAD) where she accumulated her initial experience. She holds BA degree in accounting.


Public Relations and Fund Raising Manager/ Masa Khalifa

She has 12 years of experience of project management in local and international institutions, reporting skills, and fund raising. She is a member of Arab Women Organization, has ToT certificate of Gender Concepts, and a Diploma of Monitoring and Evaluation Methods. she has 5 years of experience in working in micro-financial institutions, she has communication and translation skills. she has a BA of English Literature from Najah University, calss of 2008.